‘Happy’ Christmas Tree Cookies

As requested and promised – a tutorial on my ‘Happy’ Christmas trees. In a world filled with jaw dropping cookie designs, these are fairly simple. Which makes them super cool. Want to know why? Cause YOU can do them. Easily. Give them to your family, friends, and neighbors for Christmas. They don’t want another gift card. They want cookies! See how I just took care of your entire Christmas list?!? ;)

What you need:

- Green royal icing, 2 shades. Lighter shade – 20 second (flooding) consistency. Darker shade needs to be a piping consistency.

- Brown royal icing – flooding consistency – for the trunk

- Red, yellow and blue royal icing – piping consistency – for the lights

- Black icing – piping consistency. OR food writer – for the facial features.

- Pre-made eyeballs.

Smiling Christmas Tree Cookie

I was at Walmart and saw these Wilton cookie cutters. For less than $1! Must have.

Bake up some happy trees!

Once you’ve got your cookies all baked up, outline the tree with a darker shade of green. Give it a few minutes to set and then flood it in with a lighter shade of green. You can flood in your trunk now too.

Outline the trees in a darker shade

Fill in tree, using a lighter shade

Once your cookie has dried, you can add the face! I used a combination of black icing and a food writer. Either or both works. The sky is the limit when it comes to personality on these guys. Add eyelashes. Pouty lips. Unibrow. Funny little caption.. :)

Mommy kissing Santa - surprised tree!

If you do not have any eyeballs laying around, you can buy some. Or you can make some. There’s a fantastic tutorial for making eyes by The Bearfoot Baker here:


Add your facial features.

Then you can start stringing your lights. I use one color first. Just give yourself enough space to add the additional colors in after.

Start stringing some lights!

Let the first color set for a few minutes and then add the second color. Add the 3rd color into the leftover spots.

Add more lights

And there you have it! Little Christmas trees, filled with personality!

Happy tree!


And as always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

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  1. Yay! Love these! And I need to start making my eyes as transfers. I always forget to do that with leftover icing!

  2. I am really into simple, and cute too! These cookies really DO make me happy! I love ALL of your cookies! Happy New Year!

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