Pine Cone Cookie

Oh, the pine cone.

Painting on trees/pine cone

I’ve had lots of requests for a pine cone tutorial. I’m not sure that I have time to do a pine cone tutorial but I will tell you how I made the cookie.

This is the image that I went from:

You can see the different shades of brown that they used, giving it a watercolor look. I did the same thing. I used the same shades of brown, from the tree trunk, to abstractly fill in where the pine cone was going to be. I went heavy on the bronze color ’cause I like the shine! :)

THEN – I painted in the black details, using a very fine/small paint brush. I think that a food writer may give you a thicker line (not my desired look) but maybe I just need new markers…

Now. You can print this  clip art off and put it on your kopykake (if you have one). It’ll guide you with where to place the brown accents. Help a bit with the outline. But other than that, it’s not going to help you much. Once the brown is layered on, you cannot see the image being projected onto your cookie.

So, that leaves you with your mad skills – that I know you have!

You can look at the image, use it as a guide and paint it onto a cookie.

Don’t panic. You’re a cookie decorator. You’re an artist. It does not have to be perfect or exact. If you’ve ever looked at a pine cone, they’re far from perfect. You’ve got this.

If you are completely freaked out by this idea – a stamp might work.

Or Klickitat Street has a tutorial on using an iPad. I have not tried it, since I do not own an iPad (Ahh! The horror, right!?!), but I believe that it may also prove useful in this situation.

Good luck! And let me know if you have any questions!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

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  1. Oh thanks girl for giving us this tutorial on the pine cones and the picture of it!

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