Vintage Christmas

Hey! Do you guys remember that giveaway I did a few weeks ago? Well – I randomly chose a winner and it turned out to be a fellow cookier! She has a FB page that you should check out:

She chose to go with a ‘Vintage Christmas’ theme for her cookies. Since November and December are a little busy… I decided to make these a little early.

I love how they came out. All of the cookies are done with royal icing and hand painted. It was such a fun set! Now keep your fingers crossed that they make it to Canada in one piece!

Vintage SnowmanVintage Snowman

Vintage Candy CaneVintage Candy Cane

Vintage Merry Christmas setVintage Christmas with Santa

 Vintage Happy Holidays with CarolersVintage Holidays with Carolers

Vintage Ornament

Vintage ornament

Ready for Christmas now?? ;)

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

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  1. Glenda Jordan says:

    They made it, they made it, they made it!!!!! They are more beautiful than you can see in the pictures!!! Thank you so much!!!!

  2. These cookies are so awesome!

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