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My good friend, Ara from @themergepoint – set up this awesome new website for me. And I’ve officially moved over there!

So, if you’d like to continue getting updates and tutorials, you should come on over!!

I’ll keep this blog going for the next couple months… but not with cookie pictures. Only with posts, begging you to come join the fun at http://www.yankeegirlyummies.com!



Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

Valentine’s Day

I made quite a few Valentine’s Day cookies this year… which is actually kinda funny… In January, when I was starting to think about cookie designs, I felt like it had all been done. How many new and different ways can you make a red heart? I have already shown you, in previous posts, a few Valentine’s Day designs that I created this year – but here are a few more!

Watercolor hearts

I hand pained these mini hearts. The idea was to make them look as if they’d been painted with water colors…

Steampunk Hearts

This was a last minute set that I did. Last minute, as in yesterday. I had 4 rectangular cookies, iced white, in my freezer. I decided to give them a “steam punk” look. I had no real plan when I started with them, which actually made them pretty fun to do!

Heart Quilt

And lastly was my ‘Heart Quilt’.

My favorite.

It’s made of almost 50 square cookies that I put together to look like a collage. Most of them were done with a wet on wet technique, which made them easy and quick to do.

And that’s a wrap for this Valentine’s Day!! Hope you had a sweet one!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

Googly-Eyed Heart Valentines

Googly Eyed Heart Inspiration

It all started with these silly stickers.

I felt the need to cookie them…but then was not at all happy with the results. These have the potential to be the cutest classroom valentine treats!

But as they were coming together, all I could think of was the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.

And that was NOT the look I was going for!

My suggestion to you is to use 2 shades of red or pink, rather than my red and white combination. But that’s merely a suggestion… :)

What you’re going to need:

1. A large heart cookie cutter as well as a smaller heart cookie cutter.

2. Flooding consistency royal icing

3. Optional: disco dust or sanding sugar

4. Paint brush – only if you use the disco dust though…

5. Piping consistency royal icing for face.

6. Optional as well (but highly recommended): Cute bag toppers!

Let’s get started!

Cut out your large heart cookie and place it on your parchment paper covered baking sheet. Take the smaller heart and push down on the dough just hard enough to make an impression.

Googly eyed hearts - impression

Bake them up!

Googly eyed hearts

I started with flooding the outside first. I added some red disco dust to these while wet. If you don’t have disco dust or have an aversion to eating  glitter, you can use sanding sugar. Or omit all together! Let the royal icing dry.

Goggly eyed hearts - flooding the outside

Once they’re dry, use your paint brush to brush off the excess disco dust and flood the center heart with royal icing.  If you decided to take my advice, and go with 2 shades of the same color, you don’t need to wait as long before filling the center. I had to wait several hours so that there was no bleeding of red into the white.

Goggly eyed hearts - filling the center

Once your center heart is dry, you can start to add your face! I love how different and individual you can make each cookie. Be careful with the eyebrows though. No one wants an angry or worried heart! I used piping consistency royal icing for the faces but you can always use pre-made eyes for this project as well.

Googly eyed Hearts - Add faces

And then, since I wanted them to be classroom treats, I added a cute little topper to my bag. I printed it off (for free) from Inner Child Fun. You can find the toppers at:


Googly eyed heart - bagged up

As always – have a question or comment? Please feel free to shoot me an email or leave me a message!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

Letter Punch Out Technique

I made the “LOVE” set several weeks ago and got a few questions about how I achieved the look of the letters. So, I whipped up this quick tutorial for you! And while it’s not a technique that you can use for every set of cookies… every once in a while might be just the look that you’re going for! The hardest part of this tutorial was coming up with a name for the technique… ‘Letter Punch Out Technique’ is subject to change as I’m not totally sold on it. :)

Just a few notes prior to starting:

- Cold dough makes this process much easier

- Prior to starting, make sure that your base cookie can accommodate the letter. Meaning that your base cookie needs to have a little wiggle room on the sides or your cookie will be too fragile.

Let’s get started!

1. Cut out your letter before baking! The edges of the cut out letter may not be neat but that’s ok because you’re going to cover them up with icing.

Letter punch out - step 1

2. Bake your cookie and let it cool.

3. Lay the cookie on a piece of parchment paper. It’s going to stay on the parchment paper until it’s pretty much dry (approx. 10 hours) so plan for that. Moving them will result in disaster.

4. Using 20 second icing, fill in the letter. I added some disco dust to these… optional, of course.

Letter punch out - step 2

5. Let them dry. I gave mine 10 hours and then CAREFULLY flipped them over. They were still moist but dried out quickly once flipped. How long they take to dry will depend on how deep your letters are. Placing them in front of a space heater will also expedite the drying process.

Letter punch out - step 3

6. Then decorate (or not!) the front. Have fun. Be creative. :)




This is an example of how the cookie should look after you cut out your letter. You do not need the dough that you have removed with the letter cutter. You can re-roll it and make more cookies!!

Letter punch out example

Let me know if you have any questions!

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

Dear Yankee Girl…

Ombre Heart Set

Just wanted to let all you of know that I am the Cookie Connection’s newest blogger! I will have a monthly blog that will have content chosen by YOU! It’ll be formatted like a “Dear Abby” column but, of course, I’m calling it “Dear Yankee Girl”!

So – if you have questions, technique issues, recipe problems, etc… You can email me at yankeegirlyummies@gmail.com, message me thru the Cookie Connection or FB!

Be on the look out for my next blog. But, in the meantime, you can check out my ombre heart tutorial on the Cookie Connection!


January Catch-up

So, I’ve been keeping busy with putting together some tutorials lately… But there are plenty of other cookies that I’ve done this month as well. Some as gifts. Some for fun. Some for practice.

One of my resolutions for the new year is to try to challenge myself. Try new techniques. Write more tutorials. Improve on my photography.

A good portion of my January cookies are just that. Me – challenging myself. :)

               LOVE football

Footballs! Square… for those times when you just don’t have the right sized football cookie cutter. And the “LOVE” just because it’s so close to SuperBowl AND Valentine’s Day! For the record though – I don’t love football. It’s really more of a ‘tolerate’. But don’t tell! It’s takes away from the cookie!

LOVE with minimal icing

I made these cookies, thinking that there maybe a tutorial in the future… What do you think? You want to know how I made them?

Valentine's Day, PME 00 piping

‘Love’ seems to be a recurring theme…

Here’s a close-up of the set that I did the PME 00 tutorial on.

Did you miss it? Here’s the link:


Snow owls

These ‘Snowy Owls’ were for a January Challenge on Bake it up a Notch. You can also participate, if you’d like. I believe that you have until Jan 31st to submit your cookie photo! Here’s the link:


Brush embroidery flowers

These were some practice brush embroidery cookies – a new technique for me. Loved them!

Baby girl set

And for a baby girl named Harper…

Colorful circles

These colorful, stained glass cookies may be proof that I have too much time on my hands.

Hearts on a string

And lastly, Hearts on a String… My youngest loved these. Because one string of cookies = one dessert, right? ;)

As always – thank you for reading, commenting and following me on this crazy cookie journey.

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

What I learned about using tiny PME tips…

Flower fine lines

I posted this photo on FB last week and immediately started getting a lot of questions about using the PME 00 tip.  (Side note: above cookie was a practice cookie. But by no means my FIRST practice cookie). At that point, I had already written up this little tutorial. But – it was mentioned on FB that a tutorial on this very subject had already been covered.


I’ll admit it, I freaked out a bit. I had put in a lot of time and thought into this tutorial. What I hadn’t done was research the information that was already out there!

Lesson learned.

Lisa – from the Bearfoot Baker – has a wonderful tutorial on using PME 0 and 00 tips. It’s a bit different from the way that I did it and worth reading! You can find it here:


So - Using those tiny PME tips:

Some of the questions that I was asked were related to the difference in tip size. I happened to have a poorly flooded cookie handy and thought that I’d demonstrate. As you can see by this diagram, it’s time to pull out those nylons, ladies!

PME Comparison Chart

Since this is a new year, I have resolved to try some new things this year. Try some techniques and tools that I find intimidating – like the dreaded, tiny PME tip…

So, I asked some fellow cookiers about using the PME 00 tip. Heard that nylons were the answer.


I totally played it cool, like “Of course. Nylons.” And went out immediately to buy some!

First attempt = disaster (maybe a bit of an exaggeration but it’s my story!). My hands were colored red for the remainder of the evening, just from trying to figure out how to get the icing into the nylons.

Second attempt = much better! So, I’m going to show you how I DEFEATED the PME 00 tip!

 Filling the Nylon Collage

You want to make sure that your royal icing is piping consistency. Slightly stiffer than 20 second icing. Use knee high nylons or cut off the bottom 1/3 of a full-length leg. Have your piping bag and tip ready to go before you put the icing into the nylon. Using your hand, make the nylons form a cup (see photo above) and scoop your icing in. Tie a knot at the top of the nylons and drop it into your piping bag. Do not worry about the seam at the toe of the nylon, it will not affect your outcome.The icing will seep thru the tiny holes in the nylons and into your tip!

Some things to remember:

This is not a perfect system. Your tip may still occasionally clog. When I found myself in this predicament, I slammed gently hit the tip, straight down, onto a piece of paper towel. This served two purposes; working out the clog as well as anger management. Also, a fine pin will help you with clogs. Do not use a toothpick. It’s much too large and may break off in the tip. Another valuable lesson learned.

Another tip: Work quickly when putting your icing into the nylon. Allowing the icing filled nylon to rest in your hand, will result in a mess. Note earlier story of ‘red hands’.

And lastly – practice. If the icing continues to clog or curl, thin your icing out a bit. Remember, fine piping skills require practice!! The right tools don’t hurt though! So, have fun and learn something new and challenge yourself!

Love Collection

Please don’t hesitate to email me with questions – yankeegirlyummies@gmail.com. And a huge shout out to Mr. Yankee Girl Yummies for assisting me with the photography. (It’s hard to hold the nylon, scoop the icing and take a picture!)

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

Celebrate Diversity

Just wanted to share this with all of you today.

Celebrate Diversity

Please take a moment to remember his message.

Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

It all started with a pillow…

So, I made some cookies last week. Some very different cookies!

Cookie Collage

They’re a little funky, right?

I’m calling it the “Cookie Collage”. There are almost 40 cookies, all either square or rectangle in shape. I used primarily a wet-on-wet technique for these. There are a few that have detailing done with piping, a food writer and/or airbrush. My goal was to make each cookie different and unique in it’s own way. I used ideas from fabric, art, patterns, etc… But the initial inspiration came from a pillow! I wasn’t able to ‘cookie’ the pillow, due to the complex stitching and the size of the cookie. What I was able to do though, was use the basic shape of the pillow and the colors!

Cookie Collage

Follow this link to Crate and Barrel to see the inspiration!


Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies

Cookie of the Year 2013

I have not one but TWO cookies up for ‘Cookie of the Year’!

These are the two cookies that have been nominated.

Cookie Bunting Helen Dardik inspired cookies

The link to vote is:


My cookies are #4 and #25.


Kari ~ Yankee Girl Yummies


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